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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Daring cooks challenge: november

The November challenge was exciting to me because of the ingredients in the challenge,and I had all the ingredients on hand! Cheapy me I didn't have to go to the store:) all in all the recipe was easy, came out beautifully, and tasted like boiled eggs only prettier;)

Chinese boiled eggs

6 eggs

1 t.salt

2 t. Chinese five spice

4 tea bags


First stick your eggs in enough water to cover them and boil for twelve minutes with a t. Of salt.

Then take eggs out and make cracks all over the eggshell with a spoon. Do this to all the eggs. Then stick back in the water with your remaining ingredients and crack a lid for an hour to three hours depending on how dark you want them to be. Then peel carefully.


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