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Monday, January 23, 2012

Skinny Girl's Tomato Soup

For a nice fresh,breezy, heyspringiscoming!!!, evening I very much enjoyed this soup.I wanted something low calorie.( since I scarfed down leftover pizza for lunch) This is perfect at only around a hundred calories:) very fresh and tasty. Like eating a tomato injected with goodies. I also sprinkled some asiago on mine, but you don't have to.


I got this recipe from  Susieannabella a newbie in the blog world. For starting out she has gorgeous pictures! I really admire her for her desire to lose 150 lbs. I hope she makes her goal and enjoys blogging:-)


3 Tomatoes

1 small onion

3 cloves of garlic

1 t. Thyme

Sprinkle of olive oil

Sprinkle of asiago


Chop tomato,onion, and garlic in half. Place in a pan and sprinkle with oil and thyme. Stick in your broiler at 190° for 35 min. Take out and blend in a blender or food processor to desired thickness. Pour in bowl and sprinkle with asiago.

* I ate mine with a awesome bread roll:-)

T.T.F.N. -Becca

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  1. Healthy & delicious - my kind of soup.

  2. Hey! Just got round to reading my comments there (this week hasn't been my most motivated lol) and I saw you made this. Really glad you liked it! I ended up buying Gwyneth Paltrow's book as well as the Sophie Dahl one and there's loads more low cal recipes in there too, so I'm aiming to try something from that too. x

  3. So glad you guys liked it. Todays rainy so yeah soup sounds good:)