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Monday, October 24, 2011

The gross sandwich

Ok I really only tried this as sort of a dare, but I soon fell in love! And you will too. The crunchyness and the peanutbutter taste mixed with the tomato which kinda acts like jelly just not as sweet is delish!

Tomato and peanutbutter sandwich

One slice toasted whole weat bread
one T. crunchy peanutbutter
Four thin slices of tomato
Black pepper

Toast your bread as much as you want.
Spread the peanutbutter then top with tomatoes and sprinkle with pepper.

If you want you can top with Another slice of toasted bread. (possibly with peanutbutter:) )

And not only is this a delicious breakfast, snack, meal, its also only 120 calories! (calories for open faced sandwich)

Healthy eating!
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