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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Catching Up: 2012

So 2012 yuh? Man I never thought I would get here. Here is my look at this year, what has changed, and what is going to change.

What I'm Eating
So after being straight vegetarian I went back to eating meat. And then said forget that and went back to being a vegetarian. I am a pescetarian. Yeah what the heck does that mean? click here to find out how wikipedia defines it.I pretty much avoid meat but can still eat Seafood and eggs and dairy. So I won't go completly crazy and go back to eating Hotdogs. So not cool.

My Allergy
I am allergic to Latex. So that means every time I go to the orthadontist I have to here him complain about having to wear pink gloves. Suck it up dude. It's not my fault I was born this way and the feel of Latex gloves or food that contains them, (Latex not Gloves) makes me Hurt like crazy. So if I eat that Double Quarter Pounder from Mcdonalds I get horrible cramping in my legs, the kind that wake you up in the morning crying. Or if I have that A&W Rootbeer, (my fave) my back and shoulders will hurt. This is my main reason for not eating meat, soda, or junk food. Becaus it hurts me. So eat stuff thats not good for you anyway or live a pain free life. I think I will choose the latter.

Our Garden
So because my mom and me both have the same kind of problems, (hers worse than mine) We have decided to grow an Heirloom Garden. ooo yes delicious Tomatoes and Cuccumbers. And rare kinds like Sunberries and Ground Cherries. So watch out for my posts on how our garden is doing and what I'm making from it.

Also we got chickens last year. 14 in all I think. Now we are getting seven eggs a day. yummy fresh eggs for our pasta, and baked goods. If only our dog hadn't eating like ten pullets...

My horrible, no-good, mangy, huge, dumb, no mannered, dog. He is Mastiff, Dalmation, Pyrenees. He is huge. I don't think he is so much a dog as a horse. He eats everything in sight. From chickens to poop to concrete. He is disgusting. And no manners. so don't expect to come to my house without having a horse jump into your car. uugg.

My Room
I finally got my own room after sharing with my brother and sister for several years. It is blue. I would like to think it reminds me of my favorite place. The ocean. And it is mine. So that is all that counts anyway right?

My Phone
The life of my first phone was emotionally scarred. The poor thing. From being dropped on concrete several times. It looked so banged up and scratched it was embaressing. The back case was warped and the screen had rainbow spots. It was my first. A hand-me-down Pantech Impact. It was ok. Good for texting and calling it satisfied me in those areas. But with the invention of the Iphone and touchscreens I couldn't wait to get my upgrade.
You get what you wished for. It was a cold Day. One of the last days of October. I was sick and throwing up and forgot somebody. Someone who spent the night in a cold pool of mountain dew in my moms cupholder of her car.
Pantech Impact Sep. 10 2010-Oct. 28 2011 R.I.P.

My New Phone
So my new phone is awesome. Sorry if that sounds cold. But it is everything a fourteen year old could ask for. It was the new Google Nexus S. It is touchscreen. Goes on the Internet. Allows me to blog from my phone. And has a nice camera. Every pic I take thus far is from my phone. With the help of Picsay I edit all my pictures from my bed. It may also be good for playing words with friends:-).

This year
This year on the Agend so far:
1: Get my braces off. Deadline: End of Febuary. Yeah!!! I have only waited TWO YEARS for that one!
2: My Uncle is Getting married this saturday. Shoutout: wishing you many happy years with Rosa!
3: I will hopefully be going to Kiamichi Vocation School for computers and Cosmotoligy(?). Yayx2
4: I will be going to Frisco (near Dallas) in August.
5. Wouldn't it be lovely if I went to Florida this summer?
6. I can get my permit in December:)
I think that is mostly it for now. But I am sure I will mention others throughout this year.
What are your plans for this year?

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