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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Get me out of bed egg sandwich

Yummy!:) this is what I crave every morning. This will get you out of bed and asking for seconds! Very easy to make if you learn when to flip the egg at the right time.

Fried egg breakfast sandwich

Serves 1

Total time: about ten min.

1 bread roll ( I will post the recipe we live by)

1 egg ( we use our own fresh eggs)

Sprinkle of salt

Enough oil to coat the bottom of your pan

Optional any kind of cheese for topping

1. Using a skillet pour your oil, just enough to coat the bottom of the pan. Put on Med. Heat and allow to heat.

2. Crack your egg into the pan and sprinkle with salt. If your skillet gets to hot and your egg starts to pop turn down your heat.

3. Tilt the pan so some of the oil runs to the other side and place your bread roll, cut in half, on the oil. Make sure your bread continues to have oil underneath them so they don't burn.

4. Flip your egg when it is not so see through on the top and looks set. Take the egg off of the skillet when the yoke has reached the firmness you like.

5. Take the bread off when it is toasted to your liking.

6. Place your egg on your bread and top with cheese or salsa. (optionals)

7. Sit back and congratulate yourself for getting out of bed:)

T.T.F.N. -Becca

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