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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daring cooks challenge: January

Uuugggg!!! So maybe my mom and me shouldn't have decided to be so creative this month. The challenge was TAMALES!! My favorite especially because we are Mexican and it brings good memories. But my mom had never really made them with a recipe she liked. So we decided we were not going to follow the recipe and instead do our own. Big mistake. Because the store masa hurts my mom and me ( we have problems with most modified foods and latex)  we wanted to make our own. My mom grew up a good portion of her life in Mexico and remembers a lady she was staying with making them from scratch with fresh corn. So she wanted to copy the same recipe. We borrowed Mexican cooking for dummies from our library and found our recipe. It had everything my mom remembered except for, hominy grits. She decided not to put those in but instead put a little corn meal in. The first batch we made had no baking powder in it( because I forgot)  and so when we made them they were corn Smoothies with Cheddar cheese and jalepenos. Yuck. We tried again but this time with baking powder. We made a small tamale and stuck it in the microwave. It seemed to cook so we made a second batch and hoped for the best. Mind you this was our dinner. When it came time for dinner everyone opened there tamales, and guess what? 1..2..3... CORN SMOOTHIES!!

Sandwiches for dinner anyone??

T.T.F.N. -Becca

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