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Friday, February 24, 2012

High Five Friday

Happy High Five Friday!
My Data plan is running low because it is the end of the month so this is going to be a short post:(. Once again High Five Friday is a celebration of all the successes we have achieved throughout the week. I am going to give myself a High Five for my test results on my reading test. I had to take a reading test this morning so I could be considered to go to the Kiamichi Vocational School in my town. I am happy to report that I scored a 92% on my test!!! :D I got 23 of 25 questions correct, my grade equivalent was a 12.9, I only needed a 8.0 to pass, and I scored in the 99 %tile for the test.
I am happy with my week, what would you give yourself a High Five for?

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